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Marianne is a highly qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist in Brisbane with many years experience in treating clients for a variety of health issues.  Marianne believes good health is an important part of feeling motivated about life and is passionate about helping you achieve your health goals. She understands that every client is different and will tailor each treatment plan to your specific needs to get long term results.

One of the underlying principles of naturopathic practice is the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal and attain better health. This principle can be applied to almost all health conditions, acute and chronic, and also to aid the prevention of disease. If you have an existing condition requiring medication, natural remedies can still be beneficial and are often used as an adjunct or to reduce medication side effects.

Book in with Marianne:

Mobile 0409349313 or ring the clinic on 33783488.


Services We Offer:

Naturopathy, Nutrition & Dietary Planning, Herbal Medicine, Weight Loss & Yoga

Skype and In Clinic consultations are available.

Conditions We Treat:

Marianne has assisted clients experiencing a range of health conditions, but has a particular interest in:

  • Digestive Problems
  • Chronic Gut Disorders: IBS, SIBO, IBD, Crohn’s, Diverticulosis
  • Stress & Depression: fatigue, insomnia & depression
  • Immune & Auto-Immune Support Programs
  • Menopause Management
  • Female Hormonal Health: PCOS, PMS, Endometriosis
  • Detoxification & Weight Loss
  • Diabetes, Fatty Liver, NASH & Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Yoga & Relaxation therapy
  • Inspiration Board

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    YOGA CLASSES : Term 1 - Summer Term will commence on Monday, January 22.

Marianne is a current member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. Health Care rebates and full HiCaps facilities available.