Weight Loss

If weight loss is what you would like to achieve, Marianne can structure a protocol designed specifically for you.  Marianne runs Shake-It & hCG weight loss programs (see below), but can also complete an individual analysis of your body composition, help you set goals, support you and monitor your progress during an individually designed weight loss program designed for you to achieve your target weight.

Dr Simeon’s hCG Diet

Drops taken 3 times a day along with a low calorie controlled meal plan over 21 days results in an average weight reduction of 7kgs. Without hunger, loss of energy or loss of muscle mass. This diet is suitable for both men and women.

The hCG Diet Plan fee is a one-off fee of $160. This includes: an initial consultation, an information booklet filled with useful guidance for successful weight loss, 21 days meal plan and recipes, 21 days supply of hCG drops (MGP-23) and follow-up consultation at the end of your program. You can attend the clinic for a weekly weigh-in if desired. (Please note: a reduced rate applies for existing clients, please call Marianne for the price of the program).

Shake It – Weight Loss Program

While you may feel that  losing weight and keeping it off can be a daunting task, it can  be beneficial to seek help from a health professional who can give you both the knowledge and support required to achieve your goals.  It is important that you follow a weight loss program that suits you but which is not detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

The ‘Shake It’ Program is an easy and effective professional weight loss program, with an emphasis on good eating practices and exercise. You can expect to lose 0.5 to 2 kilos of fat per week by following the program correctly.

The success of the program lies in its ability to switch on the body’s fat burning, while preserving muscle mass. It provides the correct balance of dietary protein, carbohydrate and fat. Simple at-home testing allows you to make sure you are burning fat. Great tasting, supportive supplementation allows you to reach your fat burning potential while you learn new eating patterns that will maintain weight once the program concludes.

Book an initial Brisbane Naturopath consultation today for more information on how the Shake It Professional Weight Management Program or hCG Diet can help you.

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