About Marianne

As a qualified naturopath, herbal medicine practitioner, nutritionist and yoga teacher, I am passionate about wholistic medicine and the real improvements in health and wellbeing my clients can experience. I believe that by making positive choices in diet and lifestyle, and by helping clients to learn about how to improve their wellbeing, that optimum health can be achieved at all stages of life. I also work with Flower Essence Therapy to assist wellbeing through emotional balancing.

I utilise medicinal herbs, nutritional and dietary advice, vitamin and mineral therapy, flower essence therapy, lifestyle counselling, mindfulness and breath-work therapy to help clients achieve their health goals.

An initial consultation takes one hour and 15 minutes during which time I will take a thorough health history, review any recent pathology or medical testing and ask lots of questions!   I’ll work out a plan that suits you and aims to improve your specific health needs. This will always involve diet and lifestyle advice, and may also include herbal and/or nutritional supplementation.  I will provide ongoing support and guidance by phone or email when necessary to keep you on track with change.

Consultations are directed towards formulating an effective health program that is realistic and specific to your needs and lifestyle. Diet and information sheets are provided to help guide you.

I am a registered practitioner with Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) and is registered with private health funds. Rebates are available dependent upon your private health cover.



“Marianne was recommended to me by a friend when we first moved to Brisbane in 2007.
Marianne has helped me manage menopausal symptoms and a couple of serious infections, she’s helped me with weight management and when I’ve just felt ‘not quite right’. I like that Marianne is thorough and broadly skilled, she considers my physical well-being as well as how I’m feeling emotionally, and has recommended a range of treatments like herbal tonics, flower remedies and supplements. Different things have worked for me at different times. Importantly, Marianne is flexible and thinks outside the square and this has saved me money: she will consider incorporating foods and supplements I already have at home, and suggests where to get products at the best price. I’ve found her to be always supportive and gently encouraging, which helps me get back on track when I slip off the rails.”

– Elaine K


“I have been going to Marianne’s Yoga Classes since 2002.
The benefits of her Yoga practice for me have been immeasurable.
My body and mind feels more centred, balanced and strong. Marianne’s yoga practice encompasses at least 2 levels so one can push oneself within a safe framework.
She gives a description of each pose and its benefits and her quiet voice and manner stays as a ‘mantra’ in my head. The meditation practice at the end is in itself a wonderful mindful exercise and again her soothing voice stills/focuses the mind to get on with the day. I love my yoga with Marianne.”

– Terri W

“Attending yoga with Marianne enables your body to become stronger and more flexible whilst the chatterbox in your head is encouraged to focus and be still as you exercise and then meditate … all in all, just wonderful for your soul”.

– Barbie N

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